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Founded in 2013, Veravis Ltd is a consultancy firm committed to offering the best advice and response for proper practice in regards to the usage of both newly manufactured and part worn tyres.

Peter Taylor

A specialist in the tyre recycling industry, Peter Taylor OBE, owner of Veravis Consultancy Ltd has unrivalled expertise and experience in this area.

Including his role as Secretary-General of the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) in the UK, he held a long-standing role as a Director of the Imported Tyre Manufacturing Association (ITMA), which he occupied for over 35 years up until March 2016. His experience is not limited to those roles either, as he has been a member of the Worshipful Company of Wheelrights for over five years.

Peter’s links and undoubted skill make him one of the most coveted consultants in the UK, and Veravis Consultancy Ltd is proud to advocate the best and proper practice for the tyre industry.

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