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Rolling conversation

Tyre Stewardship Australia’s second Tyre Industry Conversation opened up discussions about diversifying markets for tyre-derived products and changing the way we view the resource recovery supply chain.

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EU points the finger at China

Well, it had to happen; the European Union has announced it will start anti-dumping proceedings against China in respect of its ever swelling volumes of truck tyre imports into Europe.

The EU is already treading (sorry about the pun) a well trodden path in this respect behind the USA, India and others. As these markets got tougher for China’s tyre producers many turned their sights to Europe only to force already depressed prices even lower. Not clever. 

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It’s all about mobility

If you have not already noticed, some profound changes are taking place in personal transportation, hitherto known as ‘car ownership’. While I believe the demand for independent personal mobility will remain as strong as ever the way in which this will be delivered will alter dramatically.

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Minimum Tread

In Europe, the minimum tread depth for normal car tyres is set at 1.6mm. Rules for winter tyres vary.

Nevertheless many of our tyre retailers have long held the belief that minimum tread depth should be increased in the interests of road safety, presumably in the wet when tread is most needed.

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The long road to Europe

I hear that a British tyre dealer is to be prosecuted for complicity in bringing illegal migrants into the UK. Although this is probably an unwelcome ‘first’ for the tyre industry many others have tried and where some have succeeded, many others have failed.

Over the past few years there have and continue to be many attempts to smuggle migrants across our borders and especially across our natural barrier, the English Channel. Many individuals have died in the process through suffocation, hypothermia in refrigerated trucks or from injuries on rail tracks and a myriad of other places but this tyre-related effort was just a little different and really quite ingenious.

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The downside of weight reduction

‘Bibendum’ – the name given to the iconic tyreman says it all. As human obesity has more and more been frowned upon the poor fellow has increasingly slimmed down by the Michelin PR department. In fact in the last few decades the poor chap has lost half his bulk.

There was a time when weight meant something. Reassurance, safety and quality even.

Now it is a definite no, no.

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Diverging Strategies

As I reported recently, there is a move of some major tyre markets here in Europe to protect their routes to market by buying up wholesalers, in military terms a strategy that can best be described as ‘cutting them off at the pass’, effective but hardly original.

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